The War on Money..You can win!

As single moms, money management is so important to be able run a successful, independent household. Do you ever find  yourself wondering where your money went? I’ve been there and it’s not a good feeling. You want to be telling your money where to go, not wondering where it went. Take control of your finances!! The only person that can help you gain independence and reach your goals is YOU.

I recently came across an amazing online money management software called Mint. It is soooo freaking cool! You can connect your banking account, credit card, prepaid card accounts and download your transactions, sort them by type, create a budget with a tracker, and more! It shows you the most detailed explanation of your finances that I have ever seen!

Best of all…..are you ready for this??? It is FREE!!! Yep, costs you zip, zilch, nada! Head over to (photo from