3 outfits for $27! What?!!



Girlfriend. It is your lucky day!

thredUP is one of my all time FAVORITE places to shop online. Years ago (well maybe not years…), it was just for the kiddos. But now, it’s a large online consignment and thrift shop that offers killer prices on name-brand clothing for your whole family! There are stylish work looks, killer going out looks, back to school threds, handbags, shoes, accessories….need I go on?

And the best thing, it’s all very gently used, NAME-BRAND clothing for a fraction of retail price. When I say a fraction, I mean just that. This isn’t one of those places that advertise how affordable they are and then you see they really aren’t competitive. thredUP has perfected the concept of an online thrift store. Check this out:

thred up

Now I know what you are thinking…the prices are great, but how is the actual clothing?

Great news for all of us…the clothing is amazing! If I didn’t already know that it was purchased from a consignment store, I would not be able to tell. When thredUP advertises “gently used”, they mean “gently, never worn by a child, could pass it off as NWOT” condition. It has to be. I don’t know about you, but there is no such thing as “gently used” in my household. It’s either still new or kid-ified. The moms that donate this clothing are my mom-idols. I need the secret to “gently used”. Pleaseeeeeee.

Okay. Enough self pity.

I have more great news!!!!!

You can get $10.00 off your order!! And I can too!! thredUP loves it when you tell your friends about them. They love it so much that they give you store credit! How cool is that??

Stop waiting! You must go NOW!

Head on over to thredUP…





Pizza Bread ~ From Nathan’s Kitchen

So this afternoon, I was one proud momma when I walked into the kitchen to find my 8 year old son being creative with food. And not in one of those “macaroni and cheese with chocolate” ways. An actual creation that is edible, and  creative! The light bulb clicked on and I decided that I may need to use this new found creativity to my advantage! Bwahahaha <–(sinister evil laugh).


So, from Nathan’s kitchen comes Pizza Bread. A boy’s best friend!


Pizza Bread


Thin Sliced French Bread

2 to 3 tsp Ragu Pizza Sauce per slice of bread

2 to 3 Pepperonis per slice of bread

Mozzarella Cheese or any other shredded cheese you have on hand


Spread pizza sauce on one side of the french bread. Top with pepperonis and cheese. Toast in a toaster oven for about 10 minutes or until as golden brown as you like it. Watch it close because once it starts browning it goes fast!

Enjoy by themselves or with some Ranch dressing!