The War on Money..You can win!

As single moms, money management is so important to be able run a successful, independent household. Do you ever find  yourself wondering where your money went? I’ve been there and it’s not a good feeling. You want to be telling your money where to go, not wondering where it went. Take control of your finances!! The only person that can help you gain independence and reach your goals is YOU.

I recently came across an amazing online money management software called Mint. It is soooo freaking cool! You can connect your banking account, credit card, prepaid card accounts and download your transactions, sort them by type, create a budget with a tracker, and more! It shows you the most detailed explanation of your finances that I have ever seen!

Best of all…..are you ready for this??? It is FREE!!! Yep, costs you zip, zilch, nada! Head over to (photo from



What’s for Dinner? Meal Planning Printables!

So, I admit it. I am a complete sucker for a super cute, stylish, function printable. There. I said it. I love printables! The cuter, the better. The more colorful, the more I like them. I also happen to be completely OCD about meal planning. In the last few months, I have been crazy busy and got the bright idea to attack grocery shopping without a meal plan or a list (gasp!!! I know, right?) What was I thinking?? You can’t take a decade old habit and then just decide, “oh I’ll do it without it.” Believe me when I say, the outcome is never good. So, I am back on track with my meal planning and I couldn’t be happier! I did run out of my paper on my nifty grocery list/menu planner pad, so I had to figure something out. **Enter right stage….Super Cute Printables!!** These printables that I found, I absolutely love! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Tips for Printing:

1. Print using the “Fast Draft/Economy” setting. You will save a lot of ink and as you can see below, they are still very colorful!

(Click on Preferences in the Print window). If your computer has the new Windows 7 print window, scroll to the bottom and click where it says “Print using system dialog (ctrl+P)” then click Preferences.


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Download Your Copy of these Super Cute Printables Here